Travis County Elections Mail In Ballots

As I meet people in the campaign trail, often I am asked information regarding mail in ballots.  Below is the response from our Travis County Elections office to my request for information.  Please call ASAP for a ballot application, or do it online, then as soon as you get your ballot complete it and mail it in, again ASAP.  the voted mailed in ballots must be received by 5pm December 2nd!

Note:  If you voted by mail in the Nov. 8 election, you will get a mail in ballot automatically.

Subject: (EXTERNAL) Mail In Ballots

Question: Do you automatically send Mail in Ballots to eligible voters?

Annual ballot by mail voters are automatically sent a ballot for each election in the calendar year they signed up.  Voters who are 65+, sick or disabled may sign up as an annual voter.  Some overseas and military voters also receive ballots for each election.

Ginny Ballard CERA
Public Information Manager
Travis County Clerk – Elections Division