Why Am I a candidate for a different seat?

The ACC Board Trustee positions are District-wide elected volunteer positions. The nine seats are numbered to facilitate the orderly staggering of elections for three Board members every two years. I had decided to not run for re-election when my current term in Place 6 ended on Election Day 2016, but I could not pass up the opportunity to serve the ACC District for two more years. After much soul searching, when it became clear that there was no other reasonable candidate, I realized that I could stay on the Board two more years and accomplish other goals.

I am a big supporter of students, taxpayers, and Labor.  Being on the Board has given me the opportunity to serve ACC students, employees, and taxpayers. The Board of Trustees governs by developing and approving policy to produce desired outcomes. I am proud to have been part of policy making that has enabled the college to be more focused on fairness and student success. I’ve had a chance to advocate for those who like me, were seduced by the thought of getting a job and becoming becoming independent, and dropped out of school thinking they could make money even if they did not finish high school. Poverty and hunger are bad advisors. It’s hard to resist the allure of having money in your pocket now to buy the things that make you feel good. For the sake of our regional economy, we need to help individuals who come into our campuses full of dreams, but who have no idea where to begin, or what steps they need to take, because no one in their family had gone to college before them. I want to continue using my experience, and work on resources, economy and growth.